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Pixie is a 7 month old maltese / bichon mix we have rescued from a breeding facility. Upon taking her to the vet to be evaluated, it was found that she has a stage 4 heart murmur. With further examination by an echocardiogram, our veterinarian has told us that Pixie will not survive without heart surgery that totals up to around $4,500. With this surgery, Pixie will be able to live 8-10 happy years. Without it, her days are numbered by only a few weeks or a couple months. There are no other options besides surgery. She is young, full of life, and deserves to live many happy and healthy years. Please donate and share the link below to help save Pixie's life! 


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Happy New Year from

The Recycled Paws Rescue Team!!

Posted on January 17, 2015 at 9:56 pm

Welcome to our website!

Welcome to the Recycled Paws Rescue official website! We will try to update this page as often as possible. If you've messaged us through our website and have not received a reply, head on over to our Facebook page and message us there! 

We update our Facebook page constantly and there is always someone ready to answer any questions you may have. We are currently in the process of updating our website so to view all of our animals available for adoption go to!

Thank you!

The Recycled Paws Rescue team

Posted on October 21, 2015 at 12:41 pm

Recycled Paws Rescue Inc has a new van!

Thank you to Sarah Falcone for creating the Recycled Paws Rescue Inc adoption van for her Girl Scout Gold award project! It is so useful to Recycled Paws and we offer her our most heartfelt thank you! Good luck in college, Sarah!


It's Rescue Season!

We are currently in "Rescue Season": What does this mean?

Rescue Season is a period of time when mother dogs, typically who have never been vetted (given shots) have litters all over the southern states. Owners of the mother dog, don't want the puppies and disregard them. 

When these pups reach any where from 5 weeks old to 9 weeks old they will be thrown in a shelter that either does not care, does not have the funds or just is so over whelmed with the influx of pups that they are forced to "gas"  these dogs as a mean to make more room for more pups. 

I know everyone is stretched to their limit with funds. But we are desperately trying to save these pups and also educate the people of the south in proper care of their animals.

A Shelter Friend Rescue in NC just got passed in the area a Low cost spaying program for people in low income situations! It is a start to major problem ...

With your help (Donations, Fostering - or any other help you can give) we can stamp out this problem and save lives.

We currently need all types of help. Money is the best way to help. If this is not an option we have supplies we need -

Please email [email protected] and you will be sent a link to the purchase some of the necessities we can not do without. 


Do you have a dog? Do you need help caring for it? Don't sacrifice a vet visit. There is help for you. Check this out for Financial Assistance for Veterinary Care! 

Welcome to Recycled Paws Dog Rescue

I have been rescuing animals for most of my life. In 2007, I rescued 27 pups from a puppy mill.  I was caring for them in my basement! It was then that I decided to start a formal animal rescue group, and Recycled Paws was born.

For the first couple of years I funded the rescue with the proceeds of the grooming and retail business with a large investment of my personal funds. Unfortunately, it is never enough to pay the bills – feeding, vet care, transport, overhead, grooming – the list is never ending.

Recycled Paws is a 100% volunteer organization - We have volunteers from the ages of 10 - 60 yrs old. We are now 501c3 not for profit certified, and do adoptions through Petco. Our animals are kept in foster care.

Since 2010, we have been a proud Ambassador for Pro Plan® Rally to Rescue®, doing more to help rescue organizations help pets achieve greatness.  

Our phone number: 914-263-9391


Lisa-Marie Birdsall

President and Founder

Reach us at: [email protected].com


Check in often we post helpful tips for the new dog owner! 



Building a New Facility

Recycled Paws is raising funds to build a brand new facility. Our design, once built, will provide beds, toys, indoor and outdoor play area, quarantine chambers, 24/7 monitoring, and much more.

Unfortunately, we can't build this facility without your help. It's going to cost upwards of $100,000. Currently, we're running off of a foster system. Fostering is a period of time where puppies & dogs live in a "foster home" where they are loved and cared for since we're still building our facility.

Visit our store to help us build our facility, one step at a time. 

We are a Pro Plan® Rally to Rescue® Ambassador

Since becoming a Pro Plan® Rally to Rescue® Ambassador, we have been feeding our rescued pups Pro Plan®. THEY LOVE IT !! The dry dog food that we fed them had Chicken pieces in it.

At many of the local events we attend you can find us by looking for the Pro Plan® Rally to Rescue® tent - Check our calendar for our upcoming events. 

Learn more about Rally to Rescue on Facebook: